Description - Map 4
64.3 Buckskin Mary Rapids, Class III: Roller coaster waves.
63.8 Buckskin Mary: Four campsites, medium to large groups, toilet, good shade.
63.6 Four-chutes Rapids, Class II: Boulders, standing waves, and turbulent currents.
63.5 Four Chutes: Two campsites, large groups, toilet, no shade.
62.8 Johnson Flat: Two campsites, large groups, toilet, no shade.
61.9 Deschutes Club Gatekeepers House: Emergency radio, drinking water, hikers check-in station.
59.3 Locked Gate: Day use parking, toilet, foot traffic only beyond this point to Buckskin Mary.
58.6 Nena: Floatboat fishing access, day use only, no overnight camping.
57.4 Devil's Canyon: Fee campground, vehicle access, toilet, tables, garbage service.
56.7 Long Bend: Fee campground, vehicle access, toilet, tables, garbage service, and boat ramp. 
55.8 Harpham Flat: Fee campground, vehicle access, toilets, tables, garbage service / recycling, trailer parking, and boat ramp.  Boater check-in station and visitor information center staffed during summer months.
55.2 Wapinitia: Fee campground, floatboat fishing take out, vehicle access, toilet, tables, garbage service. 
54.9 Wapinitia Rapids, Class III: Large roller coaster waves.
53.8 Boxcar Rapids, Class III: Large waves with a small drop form turbulent currents.  Scout from road.
54.0 Historical Note: Oregon Trunk Line Railroad suffered one of its worst accidents in March 1954.  As Engine No. 857 rounded the corner, the track was blocked by a rock slide, causing three locomotives and twelve boxcars to derail.  One boxcar and one locomotive landed in the river near what is known today as Boxcar Rapid. [Picture]
26 Jul 2001